Winning the Contract to Provide DroneGuard ComJam Systems to a Nation in Asia for the Long-Range Detection and Disruption of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Hundreds of DroneGuard systems are in operation all over the world and are successfully used to combat a variety of UAS threats, including attempts to penetrate airspace or carry out coordinated attacks. A company has been given the contract to provide DroneGuard ComJam systems. There are several dozens of mobile systems included in the contract.

UAS have become a potential threat to borders, sensitive facilities, maneuvering forces, and major events as their use has increased dramatically in recent years. UAS can be used for hostile activities like smuggling, gathering intelligence, or even transporting weapons. Furthermore, due to their small size, slow airspeed, and low altitude of flight, drone detection is frequently challenging.

DroneGuard ComJam was developed to combat this threat: a sophisticated method for locating and disrupting UAS communications and navigation capabilities, regardless of whether they are operating on their own or in groups (swarms), without affecting civilian GPS and communications in the same area.

The system identifies hostile UAS, determines their mode of operation, and effectively shuts them down by interfering with their communications and navigation. The advantage of DroneGuard ComJam’s long-range operation is that it disables the UAS while it is still far away, long before it poses a threat to the protected location.

Customers all over the world have received hundreds of these DroneGuard systems, which are being used to safeguard critical installations and major events like the 2018 G20 Summit in Argentina.

When confronted with contemporary airborne threats, these systems are a force multiplier. The tactical air drone plays a crucial role in the operational deployment of international armed forces and security forces. The capability of hostile UAS to target maneuvering forces or crowded areas, as well as unauthorised border penetration, could result in significant damage. DroneGuard ComJam’s long-range detection and disruption capabilities will significantly enhance our customer’s defenses against such threats.


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