What is Cyber Investigation?


Cyber investigation is the process of looking into computer networks or websites to determine the source of data or computer code that has been illegally obtained or altered. Cyber security researchers and hackers alike are interested in knowing how data is securely transferred within these systems. The purpose of cyber investigation is twofold; first, to detect and find the hackers and nefarious actors behind cyberattacks, and second, to learn how to prevent the same attacks from happening in the future.

Cyber Investigations: Dealing With the Media and the Public

Many cyberattacks are highly targeted and aimed at a specific network or website. It is difficult, if not impossible, to know if that information has been stolen and published online without the original source being discovered. One of the best ways to protect your organization from public exposure is to take precautions before publicly sharing any sensitive data. Some companies choose to keep sensitive information, such as financial data, close to the company’s core, and only release the information to authorized employees. These steps, however, may not protect your data if someone hacks into your networks and submits the data to an external website. You can still be vulnerable if the information is made public through a cybersecurity incident, such as a hacking attempt or stolen data. This is why you have to take extra precautions and have a plan for dealing with the media if your data is discovered to be stolen.

Organizations and Cybercrime: A stark difference

The lines between cybercrime and cyber investigation are becoming increasingly blurred. With the popularity of the internet, anyone can become a perpetrator or a victim of cybercrime. Whether it is a cyberthief who steals your hard drive, or a malicious hacker who breaks into your computer network and steals your data, the person who does the attacking usually starts with a clean slate. They are not necessarily trying to steal money or data, they are just trying to breach security to gain access to data that may be protected by firewalls, login credentials, or other methods. While cyberthieves may try to mask their identity by using stolen identities, email addresses, or hacked websites, most cyber investigations will reveal the true perpetrator to be a computer hacker. In fact, most cyber security experts will tell you that the best way to detect if someone is a hacker is to observe their actions. If someone is looking in your network hoping to steal data, they will be looking in the wrong place. While it is possible for someone to break into a network and steal data, it is much more likely that someone is going to try to undermine the security of a network in an effort to steal data. In other words, cybercriminals are hoarders, not thieves.

What to Expect from an Internet Investigation

An Internet investigation usually begins with a phone call or an email inquiry from a law enforcement or a cybersecurity firm. This lets the proper authorities know that you have been breached, and it also lets you identify any possible threats to your network. The next step is for the authorities to request a search warrant to aid in the identification of the computers and networks that have been breached. Once the warrant is granted, members of the law enforcement team will break into your computers and networks to collect evidence. The warrant will state the items that must be removed, and the nature of the items being removed. If possible, the collected items should be shredded or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. You should also keep in mind that computer hackers are not always looking for money or stolen data. They may be looking to cause disruption, steal sensitive information, or cause damage to infrastructure. These types of attacks are less likely to be detected, and they may be harder to stop.


How to Protect Your Organization from a Cyber Attack


The best way to protect your organization from a cyberattack is to be prepared. You can do this by having a plan for dealing with the media, and having a working knowledge of ransomware and other attacks that may affect your network. Make sure you understand what steps are necessary to take in case of a cyber incident and why those steps are necessary.




Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. The Internet has made it possible for people to communicate anywhere, and with any type of information. However, it has also created a new breed of criminals who are looking to infiltrate networks and steal sensitive information. This guide will help you understand what an investigation into the Internet looks like and how you can protect your organization from cyberattacks.


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