For a number of reasons, your most valued employees, frequently referred to as the MVP (Most Valuable Person), may become burned out. This makes it challenging for managers to boost employee engagement and enable procedures to stimulate demotivated staff. You might need to take even quicker action, such employing employee appreciation programmes, when you see that typically exceptional staff are slowing down. Your organisation needs to take action if a person who consistently delivers outcomes, improves processes, delights customers, or motivates colleagues suddenly falters.

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When you step in and work together to find a solution, you may protect your company’s innovation and production while invigorating a demotivated employee.


Through his acts, a good performer who has lost drive may be recognised. Key performers who lack the motivation to produce exceptional work are likely to display a variety of symptoms. Depending on the sign, it may be quiet or overt.

Giving less: Employees who normally give their jobs their all may show signs of weariness when they’re not trying to find ways to fulfil deadlines, including counting down the hours until the end of the day or quitting projects.

Less involvement: If your idea person is less engaged, no longer enthusiastically contributes to group discussions, doesn’t provide suggestions or remarks, or doesn’t solicit feedback, something may be amiss.

Increased resistance: A demotivated worker may adopt a negative view, be less honest, baulk at requests, or provide input that is too vague to be useful.


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