Ultra-fast payments between crypto and banks

Swapin is a registered company, licensed in Estonia. The robust Swapin digital ecosystem supports individuals and companies alike, with digital tools and resources. Anyone can use Swapin to send and receive international, borderless, blockchain-enabled crypto payments. Bitcoin, Ethereum and 11 other digital currencies are supported by Swapin’s crypto payment solutions. Users are also assisted further with live integration and connections established to traditional banking channels for easily navigating transfers to and from personal and business bank accounts. The technology underpinning the user-friendly Swapin platform enables fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange in a seamless digital interface. The Swapin digital platform executes automated processes so that businesses can stay focused on what they do best. SwapinGet enables both businesses and individuals to convert crypto to fiat seamlessly. Receive crypto and convert to fiat currency within minutes with SwapinGet. SwapinPay crypto payment gateway enables businesses and individuals to send crypto-to-fiat transactions to pay bills, vendors or others. For businesses, having the ability to accept crypto payments in BTC, ETH, popular stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies can assist in attracting a wider customer base to business products and services. Boost sales and customer reach with SwapinCollect crypto-to-fiat services. Businesses can use SwapinCollect to start accepting crypto payments for business. They are then automatically converted to EUR or GBP and deposited into bank accounts. Swapin can expose registered merchants, retailers and businesses across markets and industry sectors to a globally available audience on a secure, low cost digital platform available to users around the clock.


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