what is an SQL server?   SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated, and secure data platform that associations of all sizes use. As a relational database operation system, it’s designed to store and manage colorful data and give users with the ability to query, search, and analyze that data. also, SQL Server provides data encryption, auditing, and backup and restore capabilities for increased security. With its built-in analytics, SQL Server helps associations gain insight into their data and empower them to make data-driven opinions that ameliorate their overall business performance.   Analytics benchmark covered topics 1. DBMS, RDBMS . SQL, MySQL, SQL, and differences . Data Types 4. sublanguages 5. operators 6. variable 7. control statements 8. cursors 9. stored procedures, functions . triggers 11. schemas 12. special clauses 13. connections 14. OLTP 15. Tcl commands 16. subqueries 17. joins 18. views 19. constraints 20. DCL commands 21. special clauses 22. ranking functions Uses of SQL server SQL is an essential tool for business holders and professionals, as it can be used to manage complex data. It has simple-to-use visual interface tools, which makes the design and data manipulation process easy. also, it’s a cost-effective tool that can be used […] read more