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A&A Party Wall Surveyor

The Party wall Act defines the term “surveyor” as “any person not being a party to the matter appointed or selected under Section 10 to determine disputes following the procedures set out in this Act.” A surveyor party wall plays an essential part in securing the rights of both building owners and owners of adjoining properties alike. It is always better to have an agreement before starting any sort of construction. The building surveyors must know the requirements of construction and should include all the necessary things in the agreement such as work timing per day, length of construction, safety measures taken, a detail of changes, and reconstruction. Sending a prior notice is ethical and lawful and protects you from future disputes. A truly professional team will resolve all disputes fairly and efficiently and make sure that construction work is done quickly and safely. read more
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What is Party Wall Act 1996 and Why is it Important

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a UK law that regulates building and renovation work that affects party walls, boundary walls, and excavations near neighbouring buildings. The Act gives property owners a way to avoid and settle disagreements that might come up over these works. Most Important Sections The Act covers England and Wales and is broken up into three main parts: Section 1 – Party Walls  This section is about work that needs to be done on walls that are shared by two properties. The Act says that property owners have to give their neighbours notice at least two months before starting any work that might affect the party wall. This includes building on the wall or right next to it, cutting into it, or digging near it. Section 2 – Boundary Walls and Fences This section is about work on the walls and fences that separate properties. It has the same notice requirements as section 1, and the work can’t go past the boundary line without permission from the neighbour. Section 6 – Excavations This section is about digging around buildings that are close by. Property owners must let their neighbours know about any digging that might affect the […] read more
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It doesn’t matter if you want to display your business at Oman Oil and Energy Exhibition or Oman Food and Hospitality Fair, Oman Food and Hospitality fair or Oman Food and Hospitality fair, the Oman Kitchen and Bath exhibit or Oman Real Estate Exhibition, Oman Real Estate Exhibition, or any other events in Oman it is important to look for a trustworthy firm. Choose a business with a experience of quality work and care for particulars. URL : read more
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Geographic Append Service is Available Up to 5M Records

Offers a powerful geographic append service that can quickly and easily append location data to your customer or prospect database. The service is available for U.S. and Canadian records and can append data for up to 5 million. It will append the records with the following data:  append, quickly, Latitude, longitude, City, State, Province, Zip, Postal, Code, and Country. Visit Us: Facebook:  Twitter:  LinkedIn:  Youtube:   read more
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Social Media Append Service API

Social media append solutions can update your existing social media contacts with updated and active social profiles. This service helps businesses to bridge the connection gap between social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to help with all your social media promotional endeavors. This way, appending social profiles help in boosting your marketing prospects. Visit Us: Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, & Youtube. read more
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Fast and Secure id Verification Service

Our service is fast, ensuring that you can complete the verification process within seconds. This allows you to keep up with the speed of business, and onboard new customers quickly, Our fast and secure ID verification service is designed to provide quick and reliable verification of your customers’ identities. Our advanced technology ensures that the process is streamlined and efficient, allowing you to onboard new customers without any unnecessary delays. Visit Us: read more
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How to Get Started with Naics/SIC Code Service

Naics/SIC code is a service provided by the US government that identifies businesses by their primary activity. This code is used to track and collect data on businesses for statistical purposes. The Naics/SIC code is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, as it can help you understand your industry and compare your business to others in your sector. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was the predecessor to the NAICS system and is still used by some businesses. Website URL: read more
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Accounting and Bookkeeping in Dubai

AuditZone works by offering tailored solutions to businesses based on their specific needs and requirements. It starts with a consultation and assessment of a business’s financial situation, followed by the development of a customized solution. Regular reporting and communication are then provided to ensure that businesses stay informed about their financial performance. Continuous improvement is also a key component of AuditZone’s services, ensuring that businesses receive the best possible financial solutions.   URL : read more
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  An audit is a process of reviewing a company’s financial records and activities to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices. An audit can be conducted by an external or internal auditor and can cover a range of areas, such as financial statement audits, compliance audits, and internal control audits. URL : read more
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