The most pleasant moment of the day, for many, is taking a nice relaxing and regenerating shower. But to do it with total comfort you need a screen, you just have to make the right decision for your bathroom and for you. The screen is an important solution for our day to day. It is the element that separates the spaces, and allows us to have privacy and that the water does not splash. Choosing the shower screen seems simple, but it is not, however, 90% of the shower screens that are installed have a sliding door system like this one. It is an option with multiple advantages such as the feeling of spaciousness it provides or its resistance to both cleaning materials and use. Sliding doors are the best option to install in small bathroom showers. This is because they slide on guides, they do not need an opening angle and they do not take up space in the bathroom. With 42 years of experience, Azulejos Reina has become a true tradition when it comes to making mamparas de ducha frontales  with the aim of satisfying the specific needs of each of our clients. All our partitions are of […] read more