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December 31, 2023

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How can a Fleet Management System Keep Your Fleet Secure?

Keeping a fleet up and running is the primary responsibility of managers and drivers combined. But with a large number of vehicles running on the road at the same time, the attention of managers can be divided. This is why it is important for businesses to invest in a fleet management system for optimisation. This system ensures that their vehicles stay safe by adopting better practices. It also allows managers to work on other aspects of the fleet instead of maintaining surveillance over their fleet 24/7. So let us learn how unsafe fleets can harm a fleet. Why secure your vehicles? You must be wondering just how grave the consequences of running an unsafe fleet can be. Well, the damages are many, and here are a few for your reference: Monetary Losses: A fleet that often gets into situations that harms vehicles means a lot of the business’ budget going towards the repair. This loss can not just drain their funds, but can also obstruct the way towards business growth. If fleet owners are not earning any profit, how will they invest in better resources? Consignment Harm: When on the road, the fleet is completely responsible for any consignment they […] read more
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Uffizio GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

Uffizio is one of the fastest-growing companies that provides advanced GPS tracking software that leverages expertise in the telematics & fleet industry providing fleet management software, employee monitoring software, and vehicle tracking system to bring transformational solutions for any type of fleets. It was established in India in the year 2000 with the purpose of developing software for the European market. Thereafter, the company focused on its own production and decided to develop the advanced featured software which they planned to sell globally in the B2B business. To date, Uffizio is running successfully worldwide and providing advanced cloud-based software on an international level. read more
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