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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged to Your Article

Changing a reader from feeling indifferent to getting emotionally connected is intimidatingly difficult, yet is the single goal of content marketing. What engages reader’s changes all the time? Content engages readers at various points in their buying journey. Engaging content, however, gets read and shared. It ranks better in search results and moves the audience down the path to purchase. It establishes credibility and builds trust. Engaging content changes the mindset of readers. They then tend to buy your product or service. Every writer aims for the content to get most shares, rank high in Google searches, and being talked about the most. Yet, there are few better factors and essential qualities the reader watch for. Table of Contents Specific elements that make Content measurably engaging to readers are: Attention-Grabbing Headline Present a Story Original Content Use Visual Aids Engaging Content Bottom Line. Specific elements that make Content measurably engaging to readers are:   Attention-Grabbing Headline The headline is the first thing the audience reads. Great headline grabs the major amount of attention. It captures the reader’s interest and encourages them to read the rest of the content. It guides readers smoothly and lets them share the content. It speaks to […] read more
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Hire A Virtual CFO To Complete Accounting, Financial and Advisory Tasks | ossisto

You will be surprised to know that virtual CFOs are a bliss to the large organizations handling high volumes of bookkeeping, financial reporting and statutory compliance. Also, they are perfect for small organizations that cannot afford to hire a CFO. Traditionally, a CFO is an in-house employee with great power and responsibilities. They are paid huge amount for money and take care of financial and accounting tasks that are crucial to an organization’s operations. This blog is a revelation on how virtual CFO can do it all like their in-house counterpart.   Why there is a sudden demand for Virtual CFOs: Changing technology and increased competition Tax preparation and compliance is getting complicated day-by-day High operational costs in many fields Unavailability of senior level CFOs and financial experts to work for smaller firms Workforce models in many industries are changing to complete remote Virtual CFO roles and responsibilities LEADERSHIP CFO of any company adorns a leadership role that the subordinates and colleagues respect. Can a virtual CFO showcase same kind of leadership? The truth is that they can be the much needed coach and guide through online platforms. Virtual or in-house what matters is the knowledge of the person.  Identification […] read more
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Outsource task to Virtual Assistant: for successful Business|ossisto

Virtual Assistant While starting a business or be it an established one, one common thing that is easily spotted among entrepreneurs is that they keep juggling different tasks. They will be doing everything in their business. During the process of engaging in different low-level work, most entrepreneurs lose all the energy needed for such vital work. So, knowing tasks that can be outsourced will do wonders for the business. And if you are new to the virtual assistance world, you will certainly feel that is not worthy of your time and money. Several questions will pop into your mind. Can a virtual assistant be reliable? Can they match my expectations?  Let me stop you right there. In the modern world hiring a virtual assistant is the next big thing to go with. Today there are several companies around the globe providing virtual personal assistant services. In the initial days, you might feel that you are taking a risk by sharing your business details with a virtual assistant. But in the end, you can’t live in a fairy world thinking that you do not need any virtual assistant. So, after you have made up your mind to outsource a particular task to a virtual personal assistant, there […] read more
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