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SM INSTRUMENTS provides sound camera service, acoustic imaging camera, partial discharge camera and precision acoustic imager in South Korea. They specialize in the measurement and instrumentation of sound and vibration. In addition to providing engineering services, design, and consulting on sound and vibration applications, they are constantly developing sensors, measurement, and control instruments. The main technologies provided by SM Instruments are the sound camera visualization, buzz, squeak, and rattle detection using BSR tools, and wind turbine plant condition monitoring. 

In addition, SM Instruments offers a unique customizing service including test consulting, which provides perfect and customized sound and vibration test solutions. Their services support various industries in sound and vibration in international scale, pursuing to become one of the world’s best sound and vibration leaders. 

SM Instruments SeeSV-S206W Sound camera 

Sound Camera SeeSV-S206W is a real-time sound camera that implements FPGA-based high-speed beam forming technology to enable excellent performance even in normal noise. It can capture 25 images per second, and the high-sensitivity microphone instantly detects even small noises. BSR (noise and joint) noise source detection, as well as NVH (sound, vibration, discomfort) noise sources, is visually displayed. This sound camera also provides improved acoustic performance in ultra-compact appearance by means of High-performance digital MEMS microphone of 66 channels, wireless internet and built-in battery boost. 

SeeSV Real-Time SW 2.0 is embedded in SeeSV-S206W to enhance portability. It provides a touch-based user experience for combining with a tablet computer. 

Features of SeeSV-S206W Sound camera

Ø  Real-Time sound imaging

Ø  High Speed image update per 25FPS

Ø  Optimized for BSR Detection

Ø  Background Noise Removal (Noise Gate)

Ø  Selective Listening for Noise Source

Ø  Effective Post Processing

Ø  FFT and Octave Analysis

Ø  Mobile function through Web Service 

If you are looking for real-time sound camera, you can find them at SM Instruments. 

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