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PEARLZYME is a professional manufacturer of protease enzyme animal feed products.

It helps the animals gain significant weight with reduced feed cost and time. 

Pearlzyme works to improve animal health and human well-being by providing natural feed additives that consider an animal’s well-being and use natural solutions to reduce antibiotic use while also increasing immunity to infection. Pearlzyme accomplishes this by developing high-performance non-medicated bio-solutions for animals such as milk cows, cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, and others, based on animal-focused formulas based on Pearlzyme’s extremozyme. 

Pearlzyme Protease Enzyme Livestock Products 

Proteases are enzymes secreted by animals for a number of physiological processes, including the digestion of feed protein. 

Including protease in your livestock’s diet has a number of advantages, including increased protein digestibility, improved protein utilization, decreased reliance on expensive protein sources, and decreased nitrogen excretion. 

The Pearlzyme-MONO Effect

Ø  Reduce feed cost and significant weight gain.

Ø  Increase average weight gain by active digestibility

Ø  Increase survival rate through diarrhea prevention, and immunity to infection

Ø  Essential nutrients from total fermented sup by probiotic microbiome are another source of valuable ingredient

Ø  Decrease excretion and livestock odor through high protein decomposition 

Specification for Pearlzyme-MONO

Ø  Package: 10kg/bag

Ø  Dosage: 0.1% mixture with basal feed

Ø  Target animal: Chicken, Broiler, Layer, Pig, Piglet, Swine and etc 

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