Neon Nights passion, hard work, and a love for signs | Custom Made Signs in New Zealand

Neon Nights is a brand born out of passion, hard work, and a love for signs. Annie and Isaac, a husband and wife team, started their business from a rented apartment in Auckland while working full-time jobs. They hired flatmates and friends to help them get the business off the ground, and after losing his building job, Isaac began working in the business full-time, initially building the website.

Three years on, Annie still juggles her work at Neon Nights with her full-time job as assistant manager at Hertz Car Rental in Hamilton. But despite the challenges, the couple is dedicated to bringing the best range of quality illuminated signs to their customers. They believe that signs are a simple and effective marketing tactic that is not talked about often enough, and they are passionate about spreading the word.

Isaac may be a computer graphics dropout with a failed startup under his belt, but he has a passion for sales and marketing, which has helped drive the success of Neon Nights. Annie, on the other hand, is the most hard-working and generous person you could meet. Together, they make a formidable team, with a shared vision for their brand.

At Neon Nights, supporting local bricks and mortar businesses is at the heart of their mission. They believe that illuminated signs can help these businesses attract and retain customers, and they are committed to providing the best quality products and service to help them do so.

But Neon Nights is more than just a business for Annie and Isaac. They have a dream to qualify for a Parent Retirement Resident Visa and bring Annie’s parents to New Zealand to live. It’s a tough goal, but they are determined to make it happen.

Their love story is pretty neat too – they met on a flight and fell in love, and now they are building a business and a life together. Through hard work, dedication, and a passion for signs, Annie and Isaac are creating a brand that reflects their values and their love for what they do.


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