Know How To Create YouTube Video Thumbnail With Video Boosters Club

You may make even greater use of our pictures and titles by using Video Boosters Club’s premium “Click Magnet” service.

It will give suggestions for adjustments you may make to your titles and YouTube video thumbnails to help you get more attention and increase your CTR.

To find out more about the tool and how to use it, watch this video from Video Boosters Club.

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To name the “chapters” in your film, place a description in between each timestamp.

You must include a 0:00 timestamp in your description and chapters must be at that location in order to activate the chapters feature.

Using timestamps also improves your chance of being listed in Google’s critical moments feature.

Google recognises important video anchor points and links to them on the search results page.

You may view a brief guide on adding timestamps from YouTube’s free Creator Academy here:


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