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SM INSTRUMENTS provides gas detection, gas leak detection cameras, and gas leak detector solutions in Korea. It is possible to detect and locate gas leaks or electric discharges by measuring the ultrasonic components in a noisy environment. 

SM Instruments has started to target overseas markets with “BATCAM 2.0,” a camera that detects the risk of gas leakage and arc discharge. 

BATCAM 2.0 from SM Instruments 


BATCAM 2.0 is the smallest and lightest ultrasonic and acoustic sound camera on the market. This tough and versatile tool can assist you in quickly and easily identifying a wide range of undesirable industrial conditions. The BATCAM 2.0’s pinpoint accuracy allows you to instantly see audible and ultrasonic noises that are difficult to detect. With 112 precision MEMS microphones, the BATCAM 2.0 will help you see what you’ve been missing. 

Principle of Ultrasound Measurement

When a gas leak occurs, it results in ultrasonic wave element, higher than the audible frequency. Ultrasonic wave element is also made when electrical arc occurs. Therefore, in noisy environment, ultrasonic wave element can be measured to determine whether or not gas leak and electric arc have occurred and where they have occurred.

BATCAM 2.0 has detected a leak at a distance of 0.5 m at 51 cc/min (0.85 cc/sec) with 1.6 bar pressure pressurized. 

Characteristic of BATCAM 2.0


Ø  112 Digital MEMS Microphones

Ø  Measurement of 96,000 Samples per Second

Ø  5 inch Touch Screen

Ø  Available 4 Hours

Ø  Including Distance Range Sensor

Ø  Adjustable Lighting

Ø  Temperature/Humidity Sensor (additional options) 


Ø  Real-Time Visualization of Sound

Ø  Desired Frequency Range Filtering

Ø  Image Averaging Function

Ø  Video and Image Storage

Ø  Improved Accuracy according to the Distance 

If you’re looking for gas leak detection cameras, SM Instruments has them. 


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