Features of Linux

Linux is an open-source, free operating system that can be modified and distributed freely by anyone. These are just a few of the features that Linux has:


  1. Multitasking: Linux training in Pune can run multiple processes simultaneously, which allows users to complete multiple tasks at once.

  2. Linux’s stability and reliability are well-known. Linux rarely crashes or freezes even when it is under heavy loads.

  3. Security: Linux is intrinsically secure because of its security features. Open-source software allows developers to quickly find and fix security flaws.

  4. Linux’s customizability allows users to customize and modify every aspect of the operating system to meet their individual needs.

  5. Open Source: Linux is an operating system that is open source. This means anyone can view, modify and distribute its source code. Linux classes in Pune are best for you

  6. Compatibility: Linux can be used on a variety of hardware and software.

  7. Linux is cost-effective because it’s free to use and can be distributed.

  8. Linux’s active community offers support to new users.

  9. Command Line Interface: Linux offers a powerful command-line interface that allows users to perform a variety of tasks efficiently and quickly.

  10. File System: Linux has a hierarchical system for organizing and accessing files and directories.


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