Crushed Stone Production Process

In construction, crushed stone is frequently used for landscaping, laying foundations, and building roads. Crushed stone is produced by a number of steps, which can change depending on how the final product will be used. Below is a general description of the crushed stone producing process:

  • Quarrying: Quarrying is the first stage of the production process. Heavy gear is used to dig out big rock blocks from the ground in this process. Usually, explosives or saws are used to break the blocks up into smaller pieces.
  • Crushing: Crushing the rock into smaller bits is the following step in the production process. Usually, a jaw crusher is used for this, which reduces the larger pieces to smaller ones. A vibrating screen is then used to size-sort the smaller bits.
  • Washing: Following the crushing process, any dirt or debris are removed from the crushed stone. Usually, a series of screens and washers are used for this.
  • Sorting: After being cleaned, the stone is sorted by size and quality. A mechanical sorter or a set of screens may be used for this.
  • Transport and storage: These two steps make up the industrial process’s last phase. Before being delivered to its final location, such as a construction site or a distribution facility, the crushed stone is often stored in silos or big bins.
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