Coding to resolve health sector discriminations

In a world full of computers, technology and people being part of a knowledge society. Every aspect of our lives is regulated by computers to operate a computer we need to convey instructions, and the normal language of humans may not be as beneficial as the language of a computer, yes you heard the right computer does have a set of languages that can mba essay writing help victoria be used to instruct the computer the command. It’s popularly known as code and the process of providing instruction is called coding, people who code are known as programmers.

Nowadays coding is a way to resolve every problem in our society.

Mercy Oladipo is a student of MIT who was as confused as any other person can be while selecting her major as her curiosity was both in medicine as well as engineering. She went for a hybrid course which was computer science with biology. It was initially challenging for her as she has to learn to code as well as medical-related.


Her interest lies in combining both technology and medicine to develop tools for removing stratification in the health sector.

as above mentioned her main aim was to extract discrimination and stratification from society in the health as well as the education sector.

She is a proud black woman, essay writing help victoria who wants to change the picture of society. She wants to bring equality and a better experience for women in the field of health and education.

The experience of women in education and health is not as promising as it should be.

Women especially when they are pregnant do not get pepper health care and lack knowledge and awareness about it.

To resolve the issue of the knowledge gap she got the opportunity to work during sophomor year of her college to build a life change, a revolutionary and great technology and medical based application.

She collaborated with a co-worker to launch a great application called Birth By Us, it’s an application aiming to equip all the needed data for a pregnant woman. This app caters to all requirements of a pregnant woman from the beginning of pregnancy to the post-partum phase. It is made to make women more aware of the whole birth experience and even enables the appointment of doctors. There is an option for the mothers to fill out their symptoms and find out the exact reason why certain things are happening even, essay writing help victoria they will get the required information regarding the symptoms and how to resolve them.

The researcher wants to lower race-based issues by improving black women’s status and health.

She further wants to enhance her application and make women’s health and pregnancy better.


We can say that new technologies can bridge the gap we have in society. Applications such as Birth by Us are empowering as well as helping to lower the health sector issue. Women especially black women do not get adequately available health services. The stratification in society regarding health and education is persisting to remove it we need more technological upgradation and a social outlook by developers.





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