Can Women take Mass gainer Supplement?

Every year, the number of female competitors in figure and strength sports increases. It is clear that the female spotlight has expanded beyond bikini and fitness disciplines. Some athletes want to help build muscle while also improving their strength. 

Mass Gainer for Women


Gainers are protein-carbohydrate supplements that are recommended as an additional source of calories to enhance body weight gain. Gainers, thanks to a carefully selected composition of several protein sources and various forms of carbohydrates, provide the necessary ingredients to maintain and develop existing muscle mass, which, when combined with regular training, can significantly help shape a short and muscular body.


Use of mass gainer for women will benefit women who enjoy spending their free time actively, which does not necessarily mean aerobics or fitness. Crossfit, strength and endurance training, martial arts, and even powerlifting are becoming increasingly popular ways for young women to put their strength and character to the test. But don’t forget that visible and aesthetically maintain muscle mass will be especially useful in figure sports. 


Gainers are also an excellent choice for those with a quick metabolism. Especially when eating a lot of calories doesn’t produce results and large portions of cooked meals are too difficult to eat.


What type of mass gainer supplement for women is recommended?


This is a product designed for beginners, advanced, and professional athletes who want to supplement their own efforts to gain muscle mass and intensify their work on their own bodies.


 A single serving of the product contains a complex of complete proteins (WPC whey concentrate, micellar casein, egg whites) combined with a substantial amount of carbohydrates (maltodextrin, dextrose). With MCT oil, you get a package of essential macronutrients that provides nearly 380 calories in one shake!


What all makes this mass gainer a good choice for a woman? The protein in the product is rich in amino acids, which are one of the basic components that contribute to protein formation in your muscles. 


Furthermore, the product contains creatine monohydrate, which is frequently recommended for bodybuilding and improving physical performance during short, intense exercises. By selecting the Olimp Gain Bolic 6000 gainer, you can be confident that


You will receive a dietary supplement that is safe to use and was created in accordance with pharmaceutical company standards and with the assistance of modern technological solutions. 

As a result, you can select products whose raw materials have been thoroughly tested for purity and prepared in accordance with the necessary safety standards.



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