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India is a fast-developing nation with some of the best schools and universities. Numerous schools, especially the boarding schools of India, are highly appreciated due to the world-class education they provide. One such school is the Assam Valley School. Over the years, our school has managed to get its name included in some of the
best boarding schools in India. But what are the reasons that make Assam Valley School one of the best? Continue reading to know.

Although the list of reasons behind our school being one of the top boarding schools in India is a long one, some of the most crucial ones are as follows-

Assam Valley School is one of the best-equipped schools in the country. We have the most innovative infrastructure that uses the latest educational technology. In addition to academics, the matchless infrastructure helps students realize their full potential and promotes overall development.

High-quality education
Intending to deliver world-class education, we focus on students’ academics and keep them from getting lost in their socio-cultural lives. Our faculty understands the importance of academics in the development of a student. Hence, they help students ace their academics, which can be seen in the exemplary results of our students.

Co-curricular activities
As a firm believer in the significance of overall development, we offer numerous co-curricular activities at our best boarding school to help students develop their skills and talents.

Summing up
Choosing a boarding school for your child can be challenging. However, if you are looking for one in Assam, look at the Assam Valley School.


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