The spindle motor is an important part of many types of equipment. If the equipment needs to use the spindle motor, then the quality of the spindle motor will have a greater impact on the equipment. Spindle motor can be divided into ATC spindle motor, air-cooled electric spindle, air-cooled spindle motor, flanged spindle motor and so on, so the spindle motor type is rich and diverse. When the spindle motor fails, it will directly show the operation status of the equipment, and we need to deal with the condition of the spindle motor urgently. As a professional Spindle Motor Manufacturer, we will give you some examples for your understanding.

1. When the spindle motor bearing temperature rises sharply and has reached the alarm value, then do not continue to use this time. We need to take the forced shutdown way to stop the equipment work.

2. When the spindle motor bearing or sealing place smoke, this is a more serious performance problem. It is necessary to force the shutdown to avoid more damage.

3. When the spindle motor bearings appear abnormal, we need to force the shutdown and check what may cause the problem.

4. When the spindle motor inside the sound of abnormal friction or excessive noise needs to force a shutdown to prevent continued use of the equipment’s internal components may be more serious consequences of wear and tear.

In fact, through the above example, we can know that when a spindle motor emergency occurs, we can take a forced shutdown to deal with it. The purpose of the forced shutdown is to reduce the spindle motor damage situation. In the equipment shutdown and stop operation, we seek the help of maintenance personnel to solve the cause of the failure, which is a good way to deal with spindle motor emergencies.

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