PRX T33 chemical peeling is a universal, all-weather, and, most importantly, an atraumatic procedure that does not require a recovery period. So, immediately after the continuation of the procedure, you can completely calmly lead your normal life. PRX-T33 peel helps to even out the surface of the skin, improve complexion, narrow and clean pores, and reduce scars and post-acne marks.

Indications for the procedure

·       forehead wrinkles;

·       wrinkles around the eyes;

·       nasolabial folds;

·       enlarged pores;

·       pigmentation;

·       prevention and treatment of photoaging of the skin of the face;

·       age-related changes in the skin of the hands, body and décolleté;

·       stretch marks, atrophic scars, scars, post-acne;

·       seborrheic dermatitis.