Feng Xiaoman can’t be as relaxed as they are. When they arrived at the door of Genxia’s apartment, Genxia came trembling to open the door for them. The man had been trying to open her door, but fortunately they came in time and scared her back to her room. Before Meng Chao could react, Feng Xiaoman rushed to the door of the room and directly blocked the door and scolded the man from beginning to end. Are you shameless? What is bullying a little girl? Get out of here, you shameless thing. You are not allowed to stay in this place. The shameless man refused to leave, saying that the house was rented by his girlfriend and that he had the right to stay here. Feng Xiaoman was so angry that he had the nerve to mention his girlfriend. It is shameless to want to do something wrong to his girlfriend’s friends while his girlfriend is away! Meng Chao looked at yuan Xia and asked her to call her roommate and call someone to deal with the matter. This man has to go. It’s not negotiable. yuan Xia shook her head. She had called her roommate early in the morning. But I don’t know why I couldn’t get through. Maybe she was having a good time at the party and didn’t hear her cell phone ring. Feng Xiaoman did not know what to say, and he was still playing in the middle of the night. What about the work after dawn? Dany always said she was unlucky and didn’t have a good chance. But with her like this, there is no way to grasp the opportunity in front of her. No one paid attention to the man’s importunate, Feng Xiaoman regardless of 3721, directly to drive people out. Of course, she didn’t do it herself. Meng Chao and his friend Andre did it for her. The center and guard of the basketball team worked together to push the tall and strong man out. Feng Xiaoman asked yuan Xia, “Are you still going to live here?”? It’s too dangerous. Originally, if you rent together, you will usually ask the other party not to bring male friends, because it will be very inconvenient. But in fact, it is not realistic to implement it. If this kind of thing happens for the first time,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, there may be a second time. If you continue to live like this, yuan Xia will be really dangerous. yuan Xia shivered, and the whole person was still in panic. Although she has been in the modeling circle for three years, in fact, she is only a girl of nineteen. Feng Xiaoman helped yuan Xia pour a glass of water. She drank more than half of the glass, and then she managed to calm down: “It was all right before. Danny may have been under too much pressure recently.” Feng Xiaoman did not allow her to escape: “No,Concealed Flush Valve, this matter must be resolved, otherwise, you stay for a day is very dangerous.” yuan Xia’s roommate Danny is also a little famous model in China. Feng Xiaoman has seen her mobile phone advertisements before. She also came to New York to pursue her dreams and find more opportunities. But compared with Feng Xiaoman and yuan Xia, her luck is worse. Because she is still on the way to sign a contract with an American agency. She kept knocking on the door of one company after another with her model book every day to promote herself to them. Only when she signed up with a regular modeling agency did she have a chance to get more work. Danny’s body condition is quite good, and she has a feeling of wearing clothes. However, she sighed and told Feng Xiaoman and yuan Xia: “They always praise me as an angel and say, sorry, they don’t need Chinese people.” This kind of polite coldness is more boring. Meng Chao called Feng Xiaoman aside and asked her in a low voice, “Are you familiar with this girl?”? Does she have any bad habits? Feng Xiaoman nodded: “She helped me a lot.”. She’s a good girl. When she first took part in the finals in France, yuan Xia was very happy to see her and taught her the knack of walking on the stage. She was so lonely abroad that she felt kind to see the face of a compatriot. Later, Feng Xiaoman successfully signed a contract with the brokerage company, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, went to interview, went to meet clients, and was also the source of Xia to impart experience to her. The kind-hearted girl tried to help her because her grandmother liked Feng Xiaoman very much. Meng Chao said in a low voice, “Don’t be angry if I tell you something.”. If, if it works, why don’t you let her move in with you? He didn’t have the courage to mention it to Feng Xiaoman. In fact, she lived alone in a single apartment outside, and he was very worried. After all, girls suffer a lot in terms of physical strength. If something happens, they don’t even have someone to take care of them. There is a headache, fever and other problems, there are people around, at least can help to send to the hospital. Feng Xiaoman hesitated for a moment. To tell the truth, she is not used to living with others. She felt quite awkward, but thinking about Meng Chao’s words did make sense. Go out to rely on friends, after all, this is different from in the country, there are any things can find people to help. Loneliness is the biggest problem that these people who work in a foreign land need to face. Besides, now the source of summer this situation, leaving her alone here, she is not at ease. After thinking about it, she turned around and asked yuan Xia, “Well, I just rented a house, a single apartment.”. Let me make it clear to you first. If you want, you can put a bed in the living room. I don’t have any special hobbies, and I basically don’t bother others. You can move in with me if you want. Anyway, this kind of thing is not very nice to say, again and again. yuan Xia hesitated for a moment, simply packed his carry-on luggage, and followed Feng Xiaoman back. When they arrived at Feng Xiaoman’s apartment again, it was already more than four o’clock in the morning. yuan Xia was very embarrassed to apologize to the crowd: “I’m really sorry to disturb your rest.” Meng Chao waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not easy to be away from home.” Andre on the side has been eager to try, want to exchange mobile phone numbers with the source of summer or something. Meng Chao desperately pulled this guy, he did not dare to let his friend show this side of the anxious color, scared Grain Buds. You know, the Grain Buds would hate Andre for hitting on her friend. Meng Chao helped Feng Xiaoman check the doors and windows again before waving goodbye to her. He doesn’t want to sleep either. This is usually when he starts to practice. Andre resisted the decision. He tried to stay. “Hey,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, man, you can’t do this.”. Meng, you have to listen to me. Look at your little girl. She is also frightened. You should comfort her. 。 cnkexin.com