The novel coronavirus has made us understand the importance of keeping our surroundings clean and more hygienic than ever. Businesses across sectors pay extreme importance to keep their workspaces clean and disinfected. A clean and tidy workspace helps in enhancing the employee’s productivity and creates a healthy atmosphere.  

A spotless and sanitized workspace sets the tone of an organization’s work environment and the professionalism it offers. The clients perceive their impression of a business through its appearance. Therefore, it is vital to understand why commercial cleaning is essential to companies.  


What is commercial cleaning? 

Commercial Deep cleaning is a set of services offered by professional cleaners hired by a company or organization. It is cleaning a workspace or facility beyond addressing the visible dirt. It includes professional equipment and chemical agents to remove the debris and inhibit the harmful bacterial growth and Moulds that build up over time. 


What is included in commercial cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning services entail cleaning tiles, floors, interior walls and panels, furniture, lighting, ceiling panels, window cleaning, kitchen and dining spaces, and basic sanitation. Commercial office cleaning requires more effort, time, and expertise than regular cleaning. 


The commercial cleaning checklist encapsulates the following areas. 

  • Empty & replace garbage bags and reinstall the liners 
  • Sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces. 
  • Dust furniture and office equipment, including work areas, seats, tables and computers. 
  • Disinfect level surfaces with a soaked cloth. 
  • 6Mop the hard floors with disinfectant cleaners. 
  • Clean light changes and ways to eject fingerprints  
  • Clean the glass windows and the entrances inside. 
  • Clean surfaces and dividers. 
  • Sinks, Countertops, Toilets, Urinals (Clean, Sanitize, Polish) 
  • Sweep away debris, branches, or leaves near your entry door or sidewalk. 
  • Ensure all welcome mats are in their places and clean. 
  • Check all glass doors and windows. They must be wiped and cleaned. Make sure there are no streak marks. 
  • Empty all trashcans placed outside your office. 
  • Look for pests or smells. Eliminate if you see any.

Clean surroundings create an ambience of reliability, quality, confidence, and respect that impacts everyone’s well-being and experiences, whether employees or customers. Regular vacuuming and cleaning should be done for a professional and inviting atmosphere in commercial spaces.

However, Deep cleaning services should be done once or twice a year to augment the standard cleaning efforts.