The University Grants Commission has clarified that degrees received or earned through Open Distance Learning or online mode will be treated as equivalent to those obtained by conventional mode. 

One of the largest university accreditation councils /organizations “The University Grants Commission ” has tried to provide equality to all the people who study or complete their education through online and distance modes. The commission said that distance and online degrees received by recognized universities or institutions are treated on par with the degrees received through traditional or conventional modes. 

Those degrees need not be approved by any other institution or organization. These will be treated equivalently as other regular degrees, the UGC secretary Rajnish Jain said in a statement. 

The decision has been taken as per the regulation of the University Grants Commission for various programs like open/distance learning courses and online programs. 

There has been a huge surge in online and distance learning education, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This new announcement of the UGC is a confirmation of the upcoming enrollments of various students and working professionals and a great relief for them. Now, they can easily continue their education in distance and online mode in the future as well. 

In an earlier notification of UGC, it has been stated by the University Grants Commission that the degrees received in the distance and open learning mode should be treated as conventional regular degrees. However, in some cases, some courses and degrees need some sort of field experience and ground-level exposure.